Hawalker Footkare - Gel Padded socks

Hawalker Footkare - Gel Padded socks

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Hawalker Footkare Health Socks are designed to 

protect feet from external damage minimize irritations,

offer no or light compression , provide therapeutic benefits reduce

pressure points and offer comfort 


Seamless design: Fit close and snug to the skin fewer chances of winking or bunching 

in shoes causing potential irritation, chafing and blisters from occurring 

Light or no compression : improves valve functioning to allow faster and proper blood flow to feet 

Non Binding tops : socks with binding tops can cut off circulation to feet which could prolong the healing process 

due to lack of blood flow. socks with non binding tops will allow proper blood circulation. 

Wicking : moisture wicking features will help diabetics keep their feet dru 

from sweat moist sweaty feet can be a breeding ground for bacterial 

infections and disease causing fungi that can cause major damage to Diabetic feet  

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