Is Hawalker a Brand?

Yes, “Hawalker” is a footwear brand owned by Leader Rubber Industries. We have been in the market for more than 45 years. We specialize in diabetic care footwear and orthopedic care footwear, along with flip-flops, regular shoes and sandals.

Is Hawalker.com an e-commerce portal?

No, however, we have listed all our products in our website with all the details including the type of material used, type of the footwear, size details and MRP.

Are Hawalker products available online?

Yes, Hawalker products are available online at Amazon.in and eBay.in currently. We are trying to sell our products on other market places as well. Soon we will be seen on more platforms.

What is Hawalker Size Chart?

Each brand has a different size chart. There may be some changes as the brand names differ. Hence we strongly suggest that you look at Hawalker size chart and confirm your size before making a purchase.

What are Medical Footwear’s?

Footwear used for special need is called medical footwear. With years of our experience in footwear technology, we have launched Hawalker Footcare that caters to diabetic people and patients with special orthopedic requirements.

Do you have medical footwear for both men and women?

Yes, we do.

What is Hawalker Softy?

Softy is a therapeutic innovation presented by Hawalker. Softy is designed with MCR/MCP insoles that are equipped with bounce back memory. Softy is widely prescribed by doctors as it is engineered for a quick relief from feet related pains.

What are diabetic care footwear’s?

The MCR/MCP insoles, upper lining and rigid soles used in Hawalker diabetic care footwear ensure lesser strain on the skin and are designed to cause lesser abrasion and the padded protection ensures lesser exposure to diabetic patients

What are the benefits of using orthopedic care footwear?

Hawalker orthopedic care footwear is best suited for patients with orthopedic requirements. The MCR/MCP insoles that have a bounce back memory are complimented with light weight and durable outer soles. Hawalker Footkare Orthopedic Footwear can be a great comfort for individuals who suffer from back pain, foot pain, or other chronic orthopedic conditions.


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