Hawalker PU foam Insole is one kind of the most high-grade shoe-pad in the market. At present, all the first-line brands shoes are used to it in the world. So these insoles become into a high grade standard. It has additional characteristics than other never had comfortable, breathable, antibacterial, shock absorption. no variation and hydrolysis resistance thus having a very long life. Our company developed the PU foam insoles which is revolutionary new material. It is highgrade comfortable, non toxic environmental protection, anti odour, high rebound deformation and stress characteristics; it also can relieve pain of foot. Material can efficiently absorb sweat, keep you feet dry and provide extra comfort.


  • High grade

            High resilience

  • Comfortable

             Shock absorption

  • Breathable


  • Anti-mildew

             No deformation

  • Long Life

            Incomparable cushioning

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